Piano Blues
Piano Blues
Piano Blues

Piano Blues

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About the Art

Piano Blues by Julie Maxwell

From Philadelphia collection, in coordination with Julie Maxwell's piano music, a capture of a broken blue piano

About Julie Maxwell

Julie Maxwell, the Princess of Mars, strives to push the boundaries of emotions through her artwork, photography, music, writing and visual designs. Through her creative endeavors, she brings forth emotional depth to create stories to all her pieces. Every unique project has a tale of loneliness and yearning to belong, teetering between overcoming and falling. She wants nothing more than to hit the heart chords of others. Whether America, Japan, or the Mars Landscape, there will always be a melody vibrating from her head and from her heart. Photography: "I like to think of my photography in two stages; the works that express a longing for a distance and the works that express a loneliness. I focus on those two aspects of my life and extend that to my photography. This, in turn, leads me down a creative path that allows me to express my emotions when it comes to solitude and the road of life."...

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