Splish Splash
Splish Splash
Splish Splash

Splish Splash

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About the Art

Splish Splash by Chuck Rasco Photography

The Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, this area receives some of the biggest waves during incoming storms. It is a mezmerizing place to sit and watch the monster waves crash along the rock cliffs.

About Chuck Rasco Photography

Since picking up a film camera over twenty years ago, Chuck has continually pushed himself to learn new techniques and advance his understanding of the art of capturing light. Upon moving to Colorado in 2008, he was introduced to an entirely new environment that has provided endless opportunities to capture the beauty of nature. Experiencing the grandness of the landscapes and the vastness of the Milky Way skies above, Chuck is always looking for new opportunities to showcase the two together, and create images that many people only see in their imagination. Photography is not just about capturing light, but also the technique and technology used to create that perfect scene that draws the viewer into the image. Chuck continually strives to learn new techniques to push his photography further. Nightscapes and Milky Way photography have become a passion for him. Learning that 80% of Americans can't, or have never seen the Milky Way drives him to create realistic images of the night sky using well known locations. Chuck wants to show people what they're missing, as well as show iconic locations that so many have seen images of, in a different light....

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