Ball Bearing
Ball Bearing
Ball Bearing

Ball Bearing

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About the Art

Ball Bearing by Thoth Adan

Bearings had been developed since ancient times around the globe. However, it wasn?t until 1794, when Philip Vaughan received a patent for a ball bearing design, which became the basic blueprint for all modern ball bearings to follow.

About Thoth Adan

Thoth is a Swiss-born, Austrian-based artist, symbol enthusiast and occasional surface designer, focused on Asian aesthetics and philosophies (such as Zen Buddhism and Taoism). Originally trained as a graphic designer (BFA), his work now covers and mixes various analog and digital techniques (preferably using Japanese Sumi ink and vector drawings)....

Product Details

  • Our paper prints use thick, uncoated, museum-quality paper. They arrive with an even appearance and matte finish.

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