Naught or Nice
Naught or Nice
Naught or Nice

Naught or Nice

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About the Art

Naught or Nice by KOOKIE PIXEL

Naughty or Nice illustration. Digitally drawn. Fun holiday decor for Christmas lovers.


Hello! I am Christina, the artist behind Kookie Pixel. I was born in Scotland and now living in London. I was a lingerie designer and now a artist. I've always loved digital drawing since I was a child. I first fell in love with it back in the 80’s when my dad bought home an Amiga computer. I soon got addicted to drawing Mario Brothers with a software called Paint! I find inspiration in nature, patterns, space and landscapes which you’ll see reflected in my work. Mixing my design skills and passion for creating digital art, I spend time to experiment with different textures, shapes and colour....

Product Details

  • Our paper prints use thick, uncoated, museum-quality paper. They arrive with an even appearance and matte finish.

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